The Japan Society of Community Disaster Management Plan (SCDMP)

1 Community Disaster Management Plan (CDMP)

In the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the limitations of the government’s activities, and the importance of “mutual-help” in collaboration with local municipalities became apparent. Consequently, the Cabinet Office amended the Disaster Countermeasures Basic Law in June 2013, and created the “Community Disaster Management Plan” (CDMP), a plan for disaster management activities by businesses and residents of local communities. From the perspective of social capital, disaster management activities based on the CDMP will lead to local community participation in town planning, even during the preliminary reconstruction phase.

2 The Japan Society of Community Disaster Management Plan (SCDMP)

“Community Disaster Management Plan guidelines” were created through the cooperation of specialists including many local residents, business people, academics, and government officials. Experts were considering the establishment of a meeting on CDMP. For the purpose of raising awareness of the CDMP, research of the CDMP, improvement of the local disaster management force, activation of the local community, community development, experts have created “The Japan Society of Community Disaster Management Plan” (SCDMP).

2.1 Establishment
Jun. 29th, 2014

2.2 Directors
MUROSAKI Yoshiteru (Kobe University)

Senior Vice President:
YAMORI Katsuya (Kyoto University) 

Vice President:
NISHIZAWA Masamichi (Cabinet Office)

ISOUCHI Chikako (Kagawa University)
INOUE Yoshio (Fukuoka University)
UDAGAWA Saneyuki (Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution)
OOYANE Atsushi (Senshu University)
KATOU Takaaki (Tokyo University)
KOIDE Osamu (Tokyo University)
TADANO Katsunori (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
TANAKA Yukio (Kansai Institute of Information Systems)
NAKAZAWA Kousuke (Shinken Press Ltd.)
FUSE Masaaki (Kinki University)
HORIGUCHI Kouji (Architects, Regional Planners & Associates, Kyoto)
MORI Shigeaki (Urban Disaster research Institute)

Director and Secretary General:
TSUTSUI Satoshi (Cabinet Office)

Takenaka Atsushi (Kansai Institute of Information Systems)

2.3 Members (as of Jun 2014)
about 100 Individuals

2.4 Main Activities of SCDMP:
Raise community awareness of the CDMP, particularly among businesses and local residents
Promotion of academic research relevant to the CDMP
Encourage support of the CDMP among businesses and residents
Education and training regarding the CDMP
Evaluation and review of the CDMP
Creation of a disaster information sharing system for the CDMP
Promotion of standardization of the CDMP
The awards on the CDMP

2.5 Office
Kansai Institute of Information Systems
8F Osaka-Ekimae-daiichi-Building
1-3-1-800 Umeda
Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0001 JAPAN